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6 Reasons You Need Solid Branding

Wondering why branding is so important and it seems like everyone is talking about it? Check out these six reasons good branding is a game-changer.
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01. Solid Branding Builds Credibility with Customers & Clients

One of the main things a good brand can do for your company is to build credibility and trust. You may not realize it, but people often make decisions based on how they perceive things like logos, colors, packaging, etc – All of which help to build trust and credibility. Think of the last time you were at the super market, for example. What brands/products stood out to you?  You can compare your current brand to some of your competitors and see what conclusions you come to.

02. Good Branding Makes You Look and Feel More Established

This goes hand in hand with trust and credibility. A professional looking brand makes your company look established, and looking established helps to attract more customers and clients. When your company looks established, a funny thing happens – you start feeling more established as well. This is something that your prospective customers will notice.

03. Great Branding Gives Your Business a Competitive Advantage

A trap a lot of companies fall into is to create a logo that looks similar to their competitors, as they feel that this is what customers expect from a certain industry. This is the exact opposite of what you should do. When a prospective client is shopping around, you want to differentiate yourself from your competition. This is exactly what good branding will do.

04. A Well Designed Brand Makes Your Company Memorable

When your prospective clients or customers are shopping around in your industry, you want to be at the forefront of their minds. That may not happen if you don’t have a memorable brand. A professional brand identity will make your company stand out, and more importantly you will be the company that sticks in a persons head.

05. Consistency in Your Company Assets Starts with a Solid Brand Foundation

Do you have consistency between your website, marketing materials, commercials, and everything else that your brand touches? High-five if you do, but a lot of companies are all over the place when it comes to colors, typography, messaging tone, etc. Establishing consistency in your company and brand is key. There is a lot that goes into making sure you stay “on brand”, but the most important element is having a solid Brand Guide to reference and make sure all aspects of your company and marketing efforts stay consistent

06. Impactful Brand Design Attracts Customers and Clients

All of the above points have one thing in common. They help to get your business more customers. You may not realize it, but a bad brand can leave customers and their money at the door. We want to help bring them inside. And a good brand can do just that by attracting more clients and customers.

A Quick Recap

Good branding helps your company. It builds trust, makes your company look established & memorable, gives you a competitive edge, establishes consistency, and ultimately helps attract more clients. A brand is more than just some colors and a logo, it’s the essence of your company. It helps to define how your customers and clients perceive you. It’s the voice of your business, and encompasses your unique story, style, values, and much more.

Further Thinking

Take a minute to think of the great brands of the world: Apple…GE…Mercedes. There’s a certain feeling that you get from just a quick glance of any of those logos. That’s the power of good branding.

Now, how do you feel when look at your own brand? How do you think your customers feel?

If your answers fell somewhere in the “not-so-great” range we think we can help turn that “not-so-great” into the feeling you get when you think of your favorite brands. We’d love to hear from you.

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